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Turn unused ingredients into recipes. Organize and share all your recipes in one app.


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Mr. Cook

Introducing Mr. Cook

All your recipes in one place.

Organize your recipes, plan your meals, and cook with ease.


Built-in AI capabilities.

Use our advanced recipe generator to create recipes from leftovers or based on your idea. Simply enter the ingredients you have at home or share your recipe idea with us. Mr. Cook will create a recipe for you - easy and free!


Automatic imports.

Import your recipes from your favorite websites in seconds. Over 280 websites are supported.


Shopping list & ingredients calculator.

Automatically create a shopping list for your next meal by adding ingredients to your Bring! shopping list.

A simple built-in ingredient calculator makes it easy to scale your recipes to any serving size.

If you prefer to print your recipes, it is easy. Just click the print button and you're ready to go.


Share and team up.

Share your recipes with family and friends, and team up with others to expand your recipe collection. You can even do it all privately.


Mobile & desktop app.

Mr. Cook is optimized from the ground up for mobile devices and larger screens, so you can access your recipes anytime, anywhere. The app is available for Web & Android. iOS is planned.

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Mr. Cook

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It's a recipe management application that makes saving, sharing, and organizing recipes a breeze.

All your recipes in one app.

Organize all your recipes now with the best recipe management app. What are you waiting for?

Mr. Cook