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Loved by 20,000 cooks worldwide

Mr. Cook

This is the MOST BEAUTIFUL recipe management app i've seen! Very easy to use and super practical.

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Healthy eating can be so much fun

With a simple app for your clients, you can ensure more success, satisfaction and health. Offer your clients an app that motivates and supports them.


AI Recipe Generator

Your perfect recipe in seconds.

Create recipes based on your preferences.

Turn your leftovers into delicious meals.

Take photos of ingredients and get matching recipes.

Save your preferences and allergies.


All your recipes in one place.

Never lose a recipe or lose track of all your recipes again.

Scan recipes from handwritten notes, books and magazines.

Import recipes from over 296 websites.

Modify the recipes to your liking and add your own recipes.

Organize your recipes with tags.


Meal planner

Plan the whole week.

Create a weekly schedule with your favorite recipes.

Have an automatic shopping list created.

Share your weekly plan with friends and family.


Share your recipes.

With friends and family or with the whole world.

Create shared cookbooks with friends and family.

Share links to your recipes that are always up to date.

Discover new recipes from other chefs.

Add comments and rate recipes.

Create PDFs of your recipes.

Mr. Cook

Available for all devices.

Whether smartphone, tablet or computer.

Mobile app for iOS and Android.

Web app for any browser.

Automatic sync between all devices.

Your membership is valid for all devices.

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Loved by 20,000 cooks worldwide.

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Mr. Cook is developed by a single developer.

But that doesn't make it small.

It makes it transparent, fast, and personal. I release updates every week and I'm always open to feedback.

I'm not just a developer, I'm also a user. I'm building Mr. Cook for myself, using it every week, and sharing it with over 20000 users worldwide. Thanks to everyone who's been a part of this incredible journey. โค๏ธ

If you have any feedback, feel free to create a post on the feedback board.

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